By Justin Sanders

[All photos courtesy of Julian Fort] When we last spoke with Julian Fort, in September of 2018, he had recently completed his first feature film, The Midnighters. With a powerful lead performance from Leon Russom (The Big Lebowski), the indie thriller made the most of its shoestring budget and has... Read more

By Ruth Vitale

Stop us if you have heard this one before: a Google-funded organization has cited Google-backed research to spout misleading piracy claims that benefit Google. This time, the guilty party is Re:Create, a purported coalition of “Innovators, Creators and Consumers United for Balanced Copyright.”  They started circulating a “fact” sheet titled Copyright Infringement on the... Read more

Consider the word “use.” It can mean both to “take, hold, or deploy (something) as a means of accomplishing a purpose” or to “exploit (a person or situation) for one’s own advantage.”  There’s a latent hostility to the word “use” (use drugs, use other people, use up your remaining karma),... Read more

With streaming entrenched as the dominant form of video consumption online, it’s easy to forget that piracy via the illegal downloading of actual files (AKA the old-fashioned way), remains alive and well. In fact, according to digital piracy data firm MUSO, torrent-based digital theft makes up around 20 percent of all... Read more

By Justin Sanders

Let’s be clear – it’s difficult to make a living in any creative pursuit. However, it’s especially difficult to make a living as an author.  Say you have the temerity to actually, against all odds, write a book – which, for most people, takes years of toil and strife. Now, you actually have to... Read more

Another year, another series of blogs rounding up reasons for #PlatformAccountability from across the spectrum of political, cultural, and sociological discourse. Throughout the past year, we’ve regularly published posts chock full of quotes and comments describing the grave harms and indignities perpetrated by massive internet platform companies such as Facebook and Google. There has been no shortage of... Read more