Copyright & Creativity: The Next Generation

Today, young people are creating and consuming online content earlier and far more frequently than ever before. Our Youth Outreach initiative raises awareness among our youngest digital citizens about the cultural, ethical, and economic implications of creative ownership – to foster greater respect for artists and the creative process at an early age.

We have worked with educators and experts from across the copyright spectrum to support the development of a K-12 curriculum that can be useful and informative for students and teachers alike. These resources have now been used in thousands of schools across the country and are the gold standard for fair and balanced copyright and fair use educational materials in K-12 classrooms.

We hope these resources will inspire students from kindergarten through high school to better understand how they themselves can pursue creative careers. These careers ultimately contribute to a creative economy that produces nearly 7% of the country’s gross domestic product.

For more information or to download the resources, visit Copyright & Creativity For Ethical Digital Citizens.

For further resources, please visit our StudentParent, and Teacher pages.