By Justin Sanders

In July, The New York Times reported on an organization called the Global Antitrust Institute (GAI), a think tank funded by the likes of Google and other Big Tech heavyweights. Its goal, per the newspaper: to wine and dine, cajole, pamper, and influence government officials around the world who enforce competition laws. Offering opulent... Read more

ALL TIMELINE UPDATES August 18, 2004  A Catchphrase Is Born Google makes its unofficial corporate motto, “Don’t Be Evil,” part of the public record, devoting an entire section to the catchphrase in their public offering prospectus. “We believe strongly that in the long term, we will be better served—as shareholders and... Read more

We recently saw a Mercury News interview with Wendy Liu, a former Google software engineer turned techlash cheerleader, talking about her new book, “Abolish Silicon Valley.” And we found ourselves nodding in agreement with some of her concerns. “Why are Google and Facebook so big? They have control over the advertising thing and... Read more

By Justin Sanders

Artificial intelligence is already impacting how artistic works are created – in ways both exciting and troubling. Soon, it will profoundly affect how we interpret ownership of those works. In some cases, it already has. As the robots expand their cold arm extenders across music, publishing, film, and every other creative... Read more

By Ruth Vitale

RUTH VITALE: Representative Roby, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed. How did you come to be interested in intellectual property and copyright policy?  CONGRESSWOMAN MARTHA ROBY: I always wanted to work in the music industry. I was a music major in college, graduating with a Bachelor of Music... Read more

We want to express our heartfelt solidarity with the individuals, families, and communities in crisis. Our nation is hurting. Centuries of violence against black communities have left us hoping for justice and for peace and equality. As a community, we must do better to promote reconciliation and equality for all.... Read more