If you think of the internet as its own universe, then Facebook and Google are black holes. They suck in every last bit of valuable content and crush its value down to nothing – all without regard for the financial or human costs. Some of those costs are mostly invisible... Read more

Since the United States Department of Justice formally charged Google with antitrust violations related to its search and advertising businesses in October 2020, the legal floodgates have opened in Google World. And the influx of actions challenging the company’s unfair business practices has accelerated, as you will read here – in our... Read more

We publish a lot of content here at CreativeFuture, on all manner of topics related to piracy, copyright, and the fight for the rights of creatives in the digital age. These are massively complex and difficult topics, and sometimes it becomes necessary to step back for a moment and think... Read more

We can all agree that stealing a car or a computer constitutes a crime – but stealing a movie? Well, as TorrentFreak put it earlier this year, they believe that a creative whose work is being pirated is presented with an “opportunity.” How could that be? TorrentFreak says that “research... Read more

When Broadway went dark last year, the curtain came down on the livelihoods of nearly 100,000 workers. But it wasn’t just job loss suffered by people like Georgia Stitt – it was their sense of self. “The loss of income is one thing that is hard to reconcile,” the composer,... Read more