• It’s About Our Work

    Millions of jobs depend on copyright. As a creative, do you know how copyright affects your interests? You may be surprised.

  • What’s the Problem?

    Piracy is a global criminal enterprise. Period.

  • Who’s Stifling Innovation?

    Why do a handful of powerful internet platforms insist that your creative rights are stifling innovation? Get the story here.

  • The Hidden Cost of Free

    Free platforms for DIY distribution come with hidden costs. Find out how some major online service providers (OSPs) become monopolies by exploiting creative works without giving creatives their just rewards.

  • The Fair Use Confusion Game

    Certain vested interests are hoping to profit by confusing you about fair use. Let’s not play their game.

  • A Future for People

    Automation and digital technology are transforming the economy. Will that mean the end of human creativity? The story gets a little creepy.

All creative people want the same thing – to share their vision with the world and make a living doing it.

To achieve this dream, creatives have had to work to protect their rights against constant challenges.  The foundation of our industry is the copyright in the creative works that we produce, or to which we contribute our talents.

Creative industries are undergoing tremendous change driven by technology. These changing markets present new opportunities as well as new threats. One of the biggest challenges to creative people is the push by some Big Tech companies and their allies to undermine our copyrights. They argue that copyright is obsolete in a digital marketplace. They even argue that our ability to protect what we create is stifling creativity and innovation.

We disagree.

We encourage anyone who works – or hopes to work – in any capacity in the creative industries to learn more about the issues. The relationship between copyright and your right to fair-market practices is more acute and more complex than you think.