• It’s About Our Work

    Millions of jobs depend on copyright. As a creative, do you know how copyright affects your interests? You may be surprised.

  • What’s the Problem?

    Piracy is a global criminal enterprise. Period.

  • Who’s Stifling Innovation?

    Why do a handful of powerful internet platforms insist that your creative rights are stifling innovation? Get the story here.

  • The Hidden Cost of Free

    Free platforms for DIY distribution come with hidden costs. Find out how some major online service providers (OSPs) become monopolies by exploiting creative works without giving creatives their just rewards.

  • The Fair Use Confusion Game

    Certain vested interests are hoping to profit by confusing you about fair use. Let’s not play their game.

  • A Future for People

    Automation and digital technology are transforming the economy. Will that mean the end of human creativity? The story gets a little creepy.