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StandCreative™ Series II shines a spotlight on jobs in the creative industries that many people overlook or simply never knew existed. Location managers, set photographers, costume designers, special effects makeup artists, book cover illustrators, graphic designers, producers, and even a tattoo artist share stories about their work – how they got started, their first big break, and offer advice about how to make a career in the arts from these specialized skills.

Denise Huth is not a fan of horror. And that’s surprising, considering that she produced the biggest sci-fi/horror series in television history, The Walking Dead. Moving to Los Angeles from Denver, Colorado with zero ties to the entertainment industry, she had no idea her journey would take her from working... Read more

After winning three Latino Alternative Theater Awards for “Hamlet in Harlem” (Best Production, Direction, and Ensemble) Alberto Ferreras refuses to sit on his hands. He is planning to bring the show back before the end of the 2023 and is also scheduled to premiere a new show in February 2024.... Read more

Films, music videos, and commercials are part of our everyday lives, but most people would be surprised about the amount of effort that goes into making them. Filmmaking requires hard work from many dedicated workers with a wide variety of creative backgrounds. For director Gev Miron, it’s this process that... Read more

For Lili Haydn, music is her first language. As a musician, she’s played on some of the world’s biggest stages, toured with iconic bands, and has recorded sessions with all-time great composers. When she’s not working as a professional composer for films and television shows like Ginny & Georgia (for... Read more