We believe that inspiring young people to understand the importance of copyright in their own creative lives is imperative. This education is an essential part of building a culture of respect for everyone’s creative works. We have partnered with two highly-regarded curriculum developers to produce learning materials that impart ethical digital practices to the next generation – as both creators and audiences.

Working with educators and experts from across the copyright spectrum, we have made a commitment to digital citizenship education. We believe when young people understand their own rights and responsibilities as both 21st-century creators and audiences, they will have more appreciation for the value of creativity and their individual roles in supporting it.

We hope these resources will inspire students from kindergarten through college to better understand creativity and how they themselves can pursue creative careers. These careers ultimately contribute to a creative economy that produces nearly 7% of the country’s gross domestic product.


To help with our K-12 student outreach, CreativeFuture supports the Copyright and Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens educational modules.

Read more about our work with K-12 students on our webpage devoted to this effort.


For university students, we have partnered with Macmillan Learning to create a video and media literacy activity for their Media Essentials curriculum and for LaunchPad, their online portal for thousands of students and college professors around the country. This portal gives the professors the ability to easily distribute this video and corresponding activity to all of their students.

View this video collaboration and read more about our work with Macmillan Learning on our webpage devoted to this effort.


We also continue our work with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) to include their members in our school outreach.