CreativeFuture is a nonprofit coalition of more than 500 companies and organizations and nearly 300,000 individuals – from film, television, music, book publishing, photography, and other creative industries. We’re mobilizing our members to speak up about creativity’s cultural and economic value, the importance of copyright in protecting creativity, and the massive harm caused by the global theft of our creative works. Millions of creatives and thousands of businesses around the world depend on copyright to bring all of us countless moments of inspiration, learning, and joy. Our mission is to advocate for strong but appropriate copyright protections and to empower creatives to speak out against piracy and how it affects their ability to create and to make a living.

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CreativeFuture has four primary initiatives


CreativeFuture is mobilizing the creative communities to speak up about the value of creativity.

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Follow the Money

Piracy is a for-profit criminal enterprise that profits, in part, from legitimate businessess.

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Youth Outreach

We raise awareness among youth about the importance of creative ownership.

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Guiding Principles

Creativity and innovation have given rise to extraordinary entertainment that provides millions of jobs and supports economic growth, enriches our culture, inspires social change, and captivates audiences around the world. Everyone has a shared interest in sustaining the vitality of the creative economy – from all who create, to those who develop new distribution platforms, to all who access and enjoy creative works.

CreativeFuture supports the continued development of new technologies and business models that provide audiences high-quality, reliable, and convenient access to creative works, while protecting the fundamental right of all creatives to determine how their works are distributed.

CreativeFuture is united in opposition to the for-­profit digital theft of creative works, which jeopardizes the rights of all creative individuals, puts jobs at risk, and undermines new business models and distribution platforms.

CreativeFuture believes members of the creative community must play an active role in raising awareness about the cultural, social, and economic contributions of creativity and advocate for policies and solutions that will take the profit out of piracy – including increased cooperation from all legitimate businesses that make up the internet.

CreativeFuture believes raising awareness among youth about the cultural, ethical, and economic implications of creative ownership can foster greater respect for artists and the creative process.