We work with our members to publish op-eds on a wide array of topics that are vital to supporting CreativeFuture’s mission of supporting a strong copyright system. Our members’ work has appeared in dozens of national media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and many others.

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17,000 people say the Internet is already broken

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RBG was a champion for creators, too

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The CASE Act Gives Me a Realistic Alternative to Fight the Piracy of My Work

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Independent film is in jeopardy, but Congress can help

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No more Band-Aids for Facebook and Google

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Google — Are You for Creativity or Against It?

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Adopting a Ratings System for Social Media Like the Ones Used for Film and TV Won't Work

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Why the CASE Act Will Empower Creatives to Fight the Horrors of Piracy

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Facebook deserves Google's company at the hearing table

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Creatives' livelihoods are under attack. Piracy is to blame.

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Will the Spirit of American Cinema Become Extinct?

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As Streaming Grows, Music Industry Should Demand Equal Pay for Pre-1972 Songs

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How Google is Killing the Independent Movie Industry

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Why Democrats Need to Pick the Right Leader for Copyright

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Trump, Creative Rights, and Intellectual Property

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Restoring The 'Gold Standard' To Copyright Trade Negotiations

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For the Sake of Jobs and Culture, Copyright Law Must Be Protected

The Hill
Enough with the back and forth. H.R. 1695 is a no-brainer. Get it done.

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How Georgia’s smart work made movie magic real

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Filmmakers, Audiences Would Be Hurt By FCC Plan

The Hollywood Reporter
What's Really Behind the FCC's Backwards Plan to "Fix" Our TVs

The Tennessean
Big Tech Wants to Crash on Your Couch

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The FCC Proposal is More than an “Inside the Beltway” Issue, it Affects All Creatives.

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How Marketers can Help Keep Good Ads Off Bad Sites

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Don’t silence independent voices

Kurt Sutter Slams Google, Argues for DMCA Update

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Spoiler Alert: Superheroes Are Regular People

The Wall Street Journal
The FCC hoists the Jolly Roger on your cable box

Psychology Today
Copyright is Free Speech

USA Today
Stop piracy apocalypse: 'Walking Dead' producer

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Did pirates kill 'Hannibal'?

The Hollywood Reporter
Aspirin ain’t curing the plague

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The Magic Depends on Us All, Creators and Audiences Alike

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Why I Joined CreativeFuture (and Why I Hope You Will Too)

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Marketers: Stop advertising on pirate sites

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Now Hiring: Screenwriters

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Does BitTorrent Actually Want to Empower Artists?

Piracy endangers TV renewals and jobs

Roll Call
Beyond the red carpet commentary

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We're All Waiting, BitTorrent

Kurt Sutter Attacks Google: Stop Profiting From Piracy

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Guest Post: Here’s How Piracy Hurts Indie Film

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Congress moves against ad-supported piracy