The core copyright industries create, produce, distribute, or exhibit content. They include book publishing, newspapers and periodicals, motion pictures, recorded music, radio and television broadcasting, and software – including video games. In the United States, over 9.6 million people depend on copyright to make a living and their work makes up over 7.7% of the entire United States’ gross domestic product (GDP). That’s a larger share than agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and aeronautics. Crazy, right?

Creativity requires PASSION, HARD WORK, and often, the COLLABORATIVE WORK of a group of people marching toward a COMMON GOAL.

CreativeFuture mobilizes our creative community because creatives need to stand up for their rights! We don’t make movies in our backyards on a flip phone! It takes the work and dedication of hundreds, if not thousands, to make ONE film. We’re also not recording songs on our voice memos! We’re not writing books over the course of a sunny afternoon! WE ARE NOT taking photographs to just put on Instagram!

We need to tell the world that our creativity matters – that our works strengthen the cultural fabric of our society and birth new ideas, teaching others about far away cultures and fostering understanding. Film, television, music, books, and photography have the ability to inspire you and make you laugh, cry, think, act, and relate to others on a personal level.

We must stand together and tell policymakers that what we do has value – both culturally and economically.

We must STAND together to advocate for strong copyright protections.

In pursuit of this goal, CreativeFuture brings creatives to Washington, D.C. to speak with policymakers about the importance of copyright. We also work closely with our community creatives to publish op-eds in outlets nationwide.