Photo by Ethan Kramer

By: Wayne Kramer

Fifth in the series. The day my most recent film, Pawn Shop Chronicles debuted on Video-On-Demand (which was on the same date as its theatrical release), the film was recorded in a perfect HD quality copy from one of its VOD rentals and illegally uploaded to the web. By the... Read more

Photo by Marjorie Salvaterra

By: Allison Burnett

Third in the series. These days, when only a tiny fraction of indie films are released theatrically, a small film’s primary hope of financial recoupment is through Pay Per View. My film’s producers and I were filled with optimism when the date of our film’s release arrived. Imagine, then, our... Read more

Valerie McCaffrey

By: Valerie McCaffrey

Second in the series. I thought that being part of a film that could reach out across borders both in America and Armenia and could make people laugh would be a perfect venue for the film audience both here in the US and the world. Lost and Found in Armenia was... Read more

Lisa Hammer

By: Lisa Hammer

First in the series. I have been an artist my whole life. I spent thousands of hours and dollars studying film-making, music, and acting. I have been creating my own work since the 80s and for many, many years I was able to make a good living as a filmmaker/musician.... Read more

Photo by Dreamstime

‘The Hateful Eight’ producer Richard Gladstein weighs in on Google’s Fair Use defense. By Richard Gladstein “Fair Use” is an important exemption and distinction to copyright law. It permits non-copyright owners to engage in analysis, criticism, and parody of copyrighted material. It also grants permission to artists to build upon... Read more

Ninja Thyberg won the Student Visionary Award at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival in April for her film, ‘Catwalk’. At the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival in April, CreativeFuture sponsored the Student Visionary Award and presented it to filmmaker Ninja Thyberg. Recently, CreativeFuture caught up with the Stockholm-based filmmaker to discuss... Read more