Here at CreativeFuture, we often write about the widespread theft of film and television shows. Since they are such vital cultural and economic exports for the United States, we are in a constant state of shock at how our film and television industry is undercut by global piracy. But there... Read more

One Friday in April, piracy sites went missing from the search engine DuckDuckGo’s index. “Holy sh*t!” we thought. “Has DuckDuckGo decided to step up and help the creatives whose livelihoods are harmed by widespread piracy? Could they be a shining example of accountability amidst an irresponsible group of Silicon Valley... Read more

To have a safe and functional internet, we need platforms to take real responsibility for stemming crime. That shouldn’t be a controversial statement in 2022, especially in the face of the pile-up of illegal and nefarious activities they facilitate. If you need just one more example, though, then look no... Read more

Welcome to our latest arts roundup! For the third but not final time, we’re suggesting an itinerary for an American city. This week’s feature is Spider-Man’s birthplace, which several of our staff members have likewise called home. Come to think of it, we have never seen Spider-Man and our Executive... Read more

Slumming in the Reddit forum r/Piracy recently, we stumbled upon a surprising debate. “Is there anything you wouldn’t pirate?” suspicious_carl asked. The responding pirates fall into four categories. Only one is worth saving. Asshats Asshats revel in piracy as if it were merely mischief instead of causing a great deal... Read more

Recently, while reviewing the public comments filed with the United States Copyright Office as it examines the need to promote Standard Technical Measures (STMs) to prevent digital copyright infringement (as one does), we noticed something peculiar. We were surprised to see that there were thousands of comments on such an... Read more

By this point, who is surprised to hear a tech startup is complicit with digital piracy – even when it isn’t brazenly named OpenSea? Since 2017, OpenSea has hosted a cryptocurrency marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), unique identifiers for digital objects. Although these technologies are new and, to many of... Read more

Each question features a real quotation that makes reference to either (1) the tech giant or (2) a villain from the He-Man and She-Ra universe. If you have trouble telling the difference, as do we, then you can feel fairly certain that Google has indeed breached its “Don’t Be Evil”... Read more

Welcome to our latest arts roundup! Today, we’re focusing once again on a place. This time a place where some of our team spend a good deal of time – namely, Washington, D.C. While curating destinations near our Capitol, we ruled out monuments and Smithsonian museums because they’re already well... Read more

Before a conversation with Richard Reens, one must surmount the challenge of picking from the dozens of topics in which Reens has considerable expertise. After all, Reens has made a career out of taking award-winning still photographs, directing commercials for some of the most recognizable global brands, and directing narrative... Read more