On May 1, 2023, artists and other celebrities gathered in New York City for the Met Gala, an annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. This year’s ticket price? $50,000 per person. Now, we don’t want to make assumptions, but we’re guessing our readers at home don’t... Read more

After sparing no expense to send you to Mexico in our last roundup, we’re back with budgeting advice for a Las Vegas trip, whether real or imaginary. Creatives must make the most of every dollar. Otherwise, few films would get made! We’re sure you’re familiar with a few ways to... Read more

When we published our first international arts roundup for Venice’s Biennale, we predicted events might once again draw our attention beyond the USA. No special occasion was necessary to inspire a roundup about Mexico, our neighbor geographically and culturally. American and Mexican cultures have become parts of one another, so... Read more

Resuming our roundups of art from American cities, we realized that we wanted to highlight the remarkable people who have made our artistic traditions great, as well as the wonderful places where art can be enjoyed. That’s why we’re back with a roundup of Chicago artists, organized from the nineteenth-century... Read more

So, you jumped onboard the latest social media fad, posting AI-generated portraits from the app Lensa? We hate to burst your #trending bubble, but you shouldn’t have – not if you care about creative rights. Admittedly, we can’t blame you too much. As often happens online, you thought you were... Read more

If you happen to follow CreativeFuture on social media, you will see that we travel from our Los Angeles office to Washington, D.C. four or so times each year with creative teams from films or television shows. Ever wonder why we do that? It’s not because the copyright gods require... Read more

In August 2022, Meta launched an interactive AI tool called BlenderBot. As the name suggests, it generates text by remixing online content. In other words, it’s the latest Big Tech product built on infringement in the name of innovation. Comparing earlier language generators to BlenderBot, Vox reported it’s unbelievably crappy.... Read more

Dear Members, Friends, and Family, We’ve been a very good nonprofit coalition this year. Well, okay, we’ve occasionally been pretty damn naughty. But the targets of our ire richly deserve it! We’re sure you’ll agree upon reviewing our Timelines of Scandal and Strife. News alert: Silicon Valley is still just... Read more

Like many people around the world, we’re devastated by the brutal invasion of Ukraine. After a history of oppression by Russia and other foreign powers, Ukrainians risk once again losing their independence, hard-won in 1991. In solidarity with Ukraine, many Europeans reportedly have been taking cold showers, which reduces Russia’s... Read more