We publish a lot of content here at CreativeFuture, on all manner of topics related to piracy, copyright, and the fight for the rights of creatives in the digital age. These are massively complex and difficult topics, and sometimes it becomes necessary to step back for a moment and think... Read more

We can all agree that stealing a car or a computer constitutes a crime – but stealing a movie? Well, as TorrentFreak put it earlier this year, they believe that a creative whose work is being pirated is presented with an “opportunity.” How could that be? TorrentFreak says that “research... Read more

When Broadway went dark last year, the curtain came down on the livelihoods of nearly 100,000 workers. But it wasn’t just job loss suffered by people like Georgia Stitt – it was their sense of self. “The loss of income is one thing that is hard to reconcile,” the composer,... Read more

As if Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t given us enough to worry about, now he’s going after our kids. Again. Facebook-owned Instagram has children under 13 in its sights for a new version of the photo sharing application, according to an internal employee post that BuzzFeed News got its hands on in... Read more

A shining semblance of normalcy appears to be returning after many, many months of darkness. In the theater world, that darkness has been literal, with companies shuttered and in-person productions at a veritable standstill. But the show must go on, and the brilliantly creative theater community found ways to adapt... Read more

On May 26, 2021, Disney, CreativeFuture, and the Motion Picture Association, in collaboration with the Creative Rights Caucus, presented a virtual panel discussion with a few members of the creative team of the film Cruella.  Moderated by CreativeFuture CEO Ruth Vitale, the conversation featured Production Designer Fiona Crombie and Editor Tatiana Riegel.... Read more

Another World IP Day – the annual celebration of intellectual property in all its forms – has come and gone. It offers an excellent reminder that intellectual property theft comes in many forms and that we shouldn’t forget about the lesser-known variations of piracy that fly under the radar. The... Read more

If the staff of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) ever decide to quit their day jobs protecting Big Tech interests, we’d wager that they would have a bright future in fiction writing. From creating alternate universes to building men out of straw, the Big Tech advocacy group seems to exist... Read more

Remember the days when you could walk up to a Broadway theater’s box office window and buy a ticket for the show in person? Sure, there were always online sales, too, but there was something magical about actually talking to the smiling ticket seller, handing over your hard-earned money, and... Read more