Whatever the fallout of the political violence that has already dogged 2021, one thing is certain: Facebook will be under more scrutiny than ever for its role in fomenting it. The platform has shown in recent years that it is willing to “do something” to moderate hateful and illegal content... Read more

Longtime Colorado resident Don Vasicek wears many hats. He is a screenwriter who has worked on projects ranging from intimate family dramas to big-budget fantasy epics. He is a filmmaker whose hard-hitting documentaries have tackled racism and intolerance. He is a novelist whose books tell warmhearted stories with grace and humor. And... Read more

Coincidental with the Big Tech CEOs getting chewed out by Democrats and Republicans alike late last year in one of several Section 230 hearings, Yaël Eisenstat – ex-CIA officer, past White House Advisor, and Facebook’s former head of global elections integrity operations – rendered a diagnosis of what’s gone wrong.  “[A]t... Read more

It’s Inauguration Day, and a long list of challenges await incoming President Joe Biden. From slowing down the rampaging pandemic to reversing economic catastrophe and healing our divided nation, he is going to have his hands full. And yet, while I certainly do not wish to distract the President from... Read more

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Chris Cox, the man who at one time was, as WIRED put it, “effectively in charge of product for four of the six largest social media platforms in the world.” As Facebook’s longtime chief product officer, Cox has effectively been Mark Zuckerberg’s... Read more

All of us at CreativeFuture are devastated by the sudden loss of our friend and colleague Richard Bates. He was a tireless advocate for the creative communities and was deeply devoted to his work – but he was most beloved for his wit, kindness, and compassion. He was our ally, our supporter, and,... Read more

Dear Friends and Family, Happy Holidays from CreativeFuture HQ, where we may be scattered to the four winds, but where our collective Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/Diwali/Tet/Festivus spirit is as strong as ever. Like much of the rest of the world, we went remote in 2020, checking in over an endless stream of video... Read more

The election is over, but political division is here to stay. Unfortunately. For now, we remain a deeply polarized nation.  It is a sad truth that many Americans are so passionate about their political beliefs that they cannot imagine discussing politics with someone from the other side, let alone being... Read more