If you watched President Biden’s State of the Union address, you saw Members of Congress giving a standing ovation to former Facebook executive Frances Haugen – “former” being the operative word, as Haugen changed her title from “Product Manager” to “Whistleblower” in late 2021. In her September 2021 testimony before... Read more

Once in a while, we step off our soapbox, unclench our fists, and lay down our megaphone so that we can publish an arts roundup. We’ll never let commercial-scale pirates off the hook, but we’re most formidable when remembering our passion for culture and creativity. It’s what motivates us to... Read more

Almost two years have passed since concert venues were forced to shutter their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Large and small musicians alike have been feeling the financial strain of pandemic closures for far too long. Now, these venues are starting to reopen, and we are inching closer and... Read more

How do you pack someone’s whole life into one movie? It certainly sounds like a daunting task – taking decades of memories, experiences, fears, and romances, and finding a way to put them all in a digestible medium for an audience to experience. Some may think it’s impossible – but... Read more

Welcome back for another arts round-up! This week, we’re featuring songs and albums. Although it can be difficult to choose just one recording, every staff member has shared thoughts about a selection. Before reading on, prepare for a wide range of emotions. Music moves us in powerful yet different ways.... Read more

Speaking to CreativeFuture from her studio in California, Morgan Doctor looks like she’s right at home. Over her shoulders, hanging string lights illuminate a drum set and a couch, upon which her dachshund, Cymbal, quietly naps. An electric guitar leans against a wall lined with large panels of sound-dampening foam.... Read more

Welcome, dear reader, to our latest arts round-up! Today’s category is photography, and you’re in for a special treat – for this curated collection of art that amazes and inspires, each CreativeFuture staff member has not only selected a photograph but also agreed to an exclusive interview. We’ve listed staff... Read more

Dear Members, Friends, and Family, After another tumultuous year, we’re glad to have reached this special season, when the air rings with holiday greetings from people representing so many different traditions. “Merry Snoggletog!” some of them cry. “Happy Hogswatch!” others say. “Reason’s Greetings!” you may also hear. At CreativeFuture, we... Read more