Dear Friends and Family, Happy Holidays from CreativeFuture HQ, where we may be scattered to the four winds, but where our collective Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/Diwali/Tet/Festivus spirit is as strong as ever. Like much of the rest of the world, we went remote in 2020, checking in over an endless stream of video... Read more

The election is over, but political division is here to stay. Unfortunately. For now, we remain a deeply polarized nation.  It is a sad truth that many Americans are so passionate about their political beliefs that they cannot imagine discussing politics with someone from the other side, let alone being... Read more

Representative Ted Deutch, of Florida’s 22nd district, is a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee. RUTH VITALE: Ted, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. You were one of the first Members of Congress I ever met after taking this job at CreativeFuture. And you remain one... Read more

It’s been a long, tough year – and yes, we are as tired of hearing that sentiment as you are. That is why we suggest taking a much-deserved break from, well, the world this Thanksgiving and just living your best life for a few days. If you are anything like... Read more

In July, The New York Times reported on an organization called the Global Antitrust Institute (GAI), a think tank funded by the likes of Google and other Big Tech heavyweights. Its goal, per the newspaper: to wine and dine, cajole, pamper, and influence government officials around the world who enforce competition laws. Offering opulent... Read more

ALL TIMELINE UPDATES July 24, 2020 Google Helps Fund a Think Tank Geared Toward Wooing Regulators The first lesson in staving off antitrust regulation is “don’t become a soulless monopoly.” The second lesson is to get the antitrust officials on your side. Having clearly failed the first lesson, Google aced... Read more