Facebook has a growing PR problem caused by its many irresponsible business practices. So they are responding boldly – by declaring they are for “regulation of the internet.” Their “Born in ’96” ad campaign is intended to convince all of us that they are a responsible company that supports wise... Read more

Back in April, the Global IP Center celebrated World IP Day with a series of virtual events. One of them – “Innovation Ecosystem: The Common Thread” – highlighted “the threads that weave the ecosystems of craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation into the societal and economic fabric that enables us to allocate... Read more

For a company that knows way too much about everyone else, Google shows shockingly little self-awareness. We were struck recently by the willful ignorance of their article “Rituals for hypergrowth: An inside look at how YouTube scaled.” The piece is written by Shishir Mehrotra, the former Google VP of Engineering... Read more

Are you a Big Tech tycoon who just found yourself in the crosshairs of another pesky federal investigation? Having trouble mastering those perfectly polite yet completely opaque statements for your Congressional hearing? Or perhaps your fibs about your toxic business model have started to lose some of their luster on... Read more

For piracy to flourish, it requires more than crafty criminals and willing users. And its impact goes well beyond the harm it does to creators. Content theft is a $2.34 billion criminal ecosystem that mirrors the legitimate world of Netflix, Hulu, and Apple+. None of this is a shock to... Read more

In April, Facebook was outed by Business Insider for leaking data from 533 million profiles to a hacker website. In crisis mode, the company sprang into action. Facebook immediately assumed complete responsibility for the disaster and executed a strong and effective action plan to mitigate damage and keep its users... Read more

When you fight for the creative communities for a living, you certainly encounter a lot of noise about who these communities are and what they represent. Allow me to explain. Big Tech has thrived on a business model that has systematically devalued creative content and those who make it. As... Read more

By now, every CreativeFuture follower should be aware that piracy is not a victimless crime – but you might be surprised at just who the victims are. There are, of course, the 5.7 million creatives whose livelihoods are harmed by billions of dollars in content theft every year – a... Read more

Every year, one filmmaker takes home the CreativeFuture Innovation Award from the Slamdance Film Festival. This year’s winner is Erick Oh, whose powerful animated short Opera uses a single, massive canvas and an army of faceless, lemming-like drones to convey the full sweep of human society and history in all... Read more

If you think of the internet as its own universe, then Facebook and Google are black holes. They suck in every last bit of valuable content and crush its value down to nothing – all without regard for the financial or human costs. Some of those costs are mostly invisible... Read more