For Lili Haydn, music is her first language. As a musician, she’s played on some of the world’s biggest stages, toured with iconic bands, and has recorded sessions with all-time great composers. When she’s not working as a professional composer for films and television shows like Ginny & Georgia (for... Read more

Once per year, an eclectic group gathers in Annecy, a small town in the French Alps, to discuss the art of animation. They are illustrators, auteurs, critics, students, cinephiles, cartoonists – in short, creatives who share a peculiar passion for bringing things to life. These wizardly folk are treated at... Read more

Sydney celebrated a platinum jubilee this June as the Australian city’s internationally famous film festival turned 70 years old. The 2023 Sydney Film Festival (SFF) took place from June 7 to June 18. After the closing ceremonies, nine competitors returned home with cash prizes and trophies in the form of... Read more

The 76th Tony Awards® celebration will take place on June 11, 2023, in New York City. Presented annually, the awards honor playwrights, directors, actors, composers, costume designers, choreographers, and other professionals for outstanding contributions to theater. Winners of certain awards have been announced in anticipation of the June 11 ceremony... Read more

We have previously written about the quasi-independent global Oversight Board that Facebook (now Meta) set up to provide guidance on how to handle content moderation issues. In February 2023, the Oversight Board announced it would take more content moderation cases and speed up its review processes. Simultaneously, the Board released... Read more

In March 2022, we blogged about Rights Manager, Meta’s barely functioning content protection tool. As you may recall, Facebook introduced video to its platforms in 2007, after which, it waited NINE DAMN YEARS to release a product meant to stem the massive, entirely foreseeable tide of piracy that would come... Read more