From: Los Angeles, CA School: Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University “Before I started working at CreativeFuture, I knew very little about intellectual property piracy and its effects on creatives. However, my opportunity to intern here has taught me the importance of education and activism about IP... Read more

Jimmy Kane

From: Redwood City, California School: Chapman University “Working at CreativeFuture has allowed me to see firsthand how much more work there is to be done in the fight against piracy. This is a hard subject to engage with because it is not a fight we will win within the next year,... Read more


From: Shanghai, China School: Pepperdine University “It is a such great time to work at CreativeFuture. The creativities make our life more beautiful and give us hope for the future.”

From: St. Paul, Minnesota School: University of California Los Angeles “Working at Creativefuture gave me the opportunity to be around amazing individuals who were not only great in skill but also in heart. CreativeFuture works towards a crucial goal of protecting intellectual and creative rights in a way that manifests... Read more

Melanie Maupin


From: Tulsa, OK School: University of North Carolina School of the Arts “CreativeFuture has taught me the importance of fighting for our rights in an age that seems to prioritize corporations over individuals. Intellectual property is the livelihood of a very large portion of the working class. Piracy, of said... Read more


From: Stouby, Denmark School: University of Southern California “It has been a pleasure fighting alongside CreativeFuture to protect creators’ rights and thereby paving the way for next generation’s creations.”


From: San Diego, California School: Princeton University “As Millennials, we are the contemporary patrons of the arts. The money we spend on songs and books and films is an investment towards future content. It’s a symbiotic relationship that depends on our willingness to pay for content as much as it does on... Read more


From: Branford, Connecticut School: Emerson College “My time at CreativeFuture has taught me to fight for the ownership of my creativity and advocate for myself as a creative individual.”


From: Redlands, California School: University of Southern California (USC) “CreativeFuture taught me about the importance of creating a financial infrastructure that can support artists, as well as respecting the value of creativity when consuming creative products in my personal life.”


From: Albuquerque, New Mexico School: Emerson College “You wouldn’t rob a farmer’s market, so don’t steal content from creators.”


From: Abita Springs, Louisiana School: Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA) “My time with CreativeFuture showed me that no matter what industry you choose to be passionate about, there is value in every aspect of whatever you do. The importance of creativity being respected and recognized in the post-production area of the... Read more


From: Palos Verdes Estates, California School: Boston University “My summer at CreativeFuture instilled in me a sense of ownership and accountability as both an online citizen and member of the creative community. I now clearly understand the impact copyright theft has on creatives, and what I can do to help combat the... Read more

Michael Dotson

From: Fresno, California School: Columbia College Hollywood “What I learned about the issue is how piracy is destroying the film industry and affecting filmmakers.”


From: Malibu, California School: Chapman University “CreativeFuture showed me first-hand how piracy affects our industry, and how everyone has to do their part in standing up for creativity and addressing the digital theft of content.”


From: Hangzhou, China School: Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) “Artists create for non-financial reasons, but the economic value that comes with their hard work should be given back to the artists, not to the pirate sites. ”