Although another Slamdance Film Festival has come and gone, we are always awestruck by all the astonishing talent on display. This year’s short film candidates for the CreativeFuture Innovation Award featured mesmerizing imagery, heartfelt stories, and innovative styles. But what ultimately won our hearts this year was Hannah Saidiner’s My... Read more

How do you pack someone’s whole life into one movie? It certainly sounds like a daunting task – taking decades of memories, experiences, fears, and romances, and finding a way to put them all in a digestible medium for an audience to experience. Some may think it’s impossible – but... Read more

Speaking to CreativeFuture from her studio in California, Morgan Doctor looks like she’s right at home. Over her shoulders, hanging string lights illuminate a drum set and a couch, upon which her dachshund, Cymbal, quietly naps. An electric guitar leans against a wall lined with large panels of sound-dampening foam.... Read more

Longtime Colorado resident Don Vasicek wears many hats. He is a screenwriter who has worked on projects ranging from intimate family dramas to big-budget fantasy epics. He is a filmmaker whose hard-hitting documentaries have tackled racism and intolerance. He is a novelist whose books tell warmhearted stories with grace and humor. And... Read more