YOU are our CreativeFuture. If you want to pursue a career in creativity – as a musician, painter, filmmaker, writer, makeup artist, or any other of the countless creative opportunities available – you can help us by being advocates for the value of creativity.

Piracy is a problem that impacts every level of the creative communities worldwide – from independent filmmakers to the major studios, from writers and directors to musicians and novelists. Because of the impact of piracy only sure-fire hits with the widest possible audience are now financially feasible – and that hurts aspiring creatives most of all. This means fewer chances for young people to build careers in the creative communities.

Start the Conversation at your School

Whether you are interested in a creative field like film or music – or you are pursuing your passion in your spare time – creativity is an essential part of your life. Be an ambassador for creativity and encourage your peers to celebrate creativity as the cultural fabric of the planet.

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Piracy myths debunked

No matter the justification – there is truly no reason that someone should steal the creative work of another person either online or in the real world.

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Plan a CreativeFuture event

Hosting an event at your school is a great way to connect with the various creative communities at your school and promote the value of creativity.

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Frequently Asked Questions about student advocacy.

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