Creativity is the cultural fabric of our world. At CreativeFuture, we believe the next generation – our children – deserves the opportunity to pursue creative careers.

Piracy not only undermines the creative economy – and in turn makes it more challenging for our next generation to enjoy sustainable creative careers – it also can expose youth to inappropriate content and put the devices they are using at risk for malware.

We have heard from our community – particularly our members with children – that there is a lack of educational resources to teach our next generation about safe and ethical ways to behave online.

That’s why we are supporting the nonprofit educational organization iKeepSafe and their BEaPRO K-12 curriculum.

You can help – by encouraging your child’s school to adopt this curriculum!

Know the facts

Piracy is a huge and growing problem. Many of the biggest pirate websites are for-profit criminal enterprises that contribute nothing to the creative economy and expose users’ devices to malware.

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What you can do as a parent

We need to instill greater respect for artists and the creative process in our next generation to ensure a future that supports their creative pursuits.

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Piracy myths debunked

Despite the common misconception that piracy is a victimless crime, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Each download from a pirate site deprives the creative team of the residuals that fund their health, pension, and welfare plans. Despite common justifications, it’s not okay to steal the creative work of another person – either online or in the real world.

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CreativeFuture in your school?

CreativeFuture works with our members and educators to bring workshops and career development sessions to K-12 schools and universities that promote creativity in the classroom and beyond.

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