CreativeFuture announces the launch of a Leadership Committee composed of leaders from the creative community.

August 19, 2015

LOS ANGELES – CreativeFuture today announces the launch of a Leadership Committee composed of a cross section of leaders from the creative community. These individuals have and will continue to serve as ambassadors for CreativeFuture’s campaign to advocate for the fundamental right of creatives to determine how their works are distributed.

Since launching in February of last year, CreativeFuture has grown from a coalition of 65 companies and organizations to 450 coalition partners today – encompassing film, television, music, and book publishing – and representing countless more creative individuals.

That expansion would not have been possible without the support of creative leaders who have lent their names, voices, time, and energy to the cause of promoting the value of creativity in today’s digital age. CreativeFuture has mobilized creative leaders to carry the message to film festivals and other creative industry events, speak out in the press, write letters to business leaders whose products and services are often misused to facilitate piracy, and make their voices heard by lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

“Every day, more and more creatives are realizing that their online rights are in jeopardy. They’re waking up to the fact that piracy is driven by profit — and that there are major, reputable companies who have the power to make a difference by acting responsibly,” said Ruth Vitale, Chief Executive Officer of CreativeFuture. “Creatives are calling on legitimate businesses — including advertisers and others — to cut ties with pirate sites. A strong creative economy depends on it.”


The CreativeFuture Leadership Committee:

Alec Berg – Executive Producer/Writer/Director
Albert Berger – Producer
Marty Bowen – Producer
Martha De Laurentiis – Producer/Chairman, De Laurentiis Company
Cassian Elwes – Producer
Wyck Godfrey – Producer
John N. Hart, Jr. – Producer
Lisa Henson – Executive Producer/CEO, The Jim Henson Company
Marshall Herskovitz – Producer/Writer/Director
Gale Ann Hurd – Executive Producer/Producer/Writer
Charles King – Founder and CEO of MACRO
Hawk Koch – Producer
John Krokidas – Writer/Director
Ann Roth – Costume Designer
Teddy Schwarzman – Producer
Jeff Sharp – Producer
Kurt Sutter – Executive Producer/Writer/Director/Actor
John Toll – Cinematographer
Joana Vicente – Producer/Executive Director, Independent Filmmaker Project
Janet Yang – Producer

Click here for the CreativeFuture Leadership Committee page.

About CreativeFuture
CreativeFuture is a coalition made up of 450 companies and organizations – encompassing film, television, music, and book publishing – that promotes the value of creativity, expanded digital access to legitimate content, and the fundamental right of creators to determine how their works are distributed.


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