Third in the series. These days, when only a tiny fraction of indie films are released theatrically, a small film’s primary hope of financial recoupment is through Pay Per View. My film’s producers and I were filled with optimism when the date of our film’s release arrived. Imagine, then, our... Read more

Valerie McCaffrey

Second in the series. I thought that being part of a film that could reach out across borders both in America and Armenia and could make people laugh would be a perfect venue for the film audience both here in the US and the world. Lost and Found in Armenia was... Read more

Lisa Hammer

First in the series. I have been an artist my whole life. I spent thousands of hours and dollars studying film-making, music, and acting. I have been creating my own work since the 80s and for many, many years I was able to make a good living as a filmmaker/musician.... Read more