Dear friends, This year, our annual holiday letter has a special purpose. Of course, we want to warm your hearts with the holiday spirit. Blah blah blah. More urgently, we need to convince you of an indisputable fact: We do NOT deserve torment from the Yule Lads. During the Christmas... Read more

Independently produced films had an outstanding year in 2023. In fact, they won tops prizes at the Academy Awards® (Everything Everywhere All at Once), Cannes Film Festival (Anatomy of a Fall), and Venice Film Festival (Poor Things). These titles demonstrated, once again, why indie films are integral to cinema as... Read more

“Keep Austin Weird,” the city’s inhabitants have been saying since 2000, when a community college librarian coined the phrase to explain his donation to local public radio. Being weird ourselves, we are in no position to judge how well the phrase expresses Austin’s unique identity. All we know is, when... Read more

Every fall, as Thanksgiving approaches, we CreativeFuture employees receive an e-mail (slightly reworded from last year) asking us to report what we’ve appreciated during the past year. ‘Tis the season for us to release involuntary groans as we wonder how we’re going to dredge up the appropriate sentiments once again.... Read more

Denise Huth is not a fan of horror. And that’s surprising, considering that she produced the biggest sci-fi/horror series in television history, The Walking Dead. Moving to Los Angeles from Denver, Colorado with zero ties to the entertainment industry, she had no idea her journey would take her from working... Read more