Copyright Alliance and CreativeFuture join forces and send letters to Congress signed by over 1,500 creatives affirming core copyright principles.

March 10, 2015

Cecile Remington, Copyright Alliance:

Chris Ortman, CreativeFuture:

WASHINGTON, DC and LOS ANGELES, CA – As the 114th Congress continues its review of copyright law, the Copyright Alliance and CreativeFuture are proud to join forces in sending letters to Congress affirming core copyright principles held by the creative community. Over 1,200 members of the Copyright Alliance and over 350 members of CreativeFuture signed the letters, demonstrating broad support among creatives for a strong copyright system. Signers include members of the film and television, book publishing, and music communities, leaders of creative unions and guilds, photographers, graphic designers, authors, musicians and more.

You can access the CreativeFuture letter here.

Speaking for creatives, the letters articulate the complementary relationship between a strong copyright system, free expression, creativity, innovation, and technology. The creatives affirmed:

  • We embrace the internet as a powerful democratizing force for our world and for creative industries.
  • We embrace a strong copyright system that rewards creativity and promotes a healthy creative economy.
  • We proudly assert that copyright promotes and protects free speech.
  • Copyright should protect creatives from those who would use the internet to undermine creativity.
  • Creatives must be part of the conversation and stand up for creativity.

The letters conclude by stating:

“There is no ‘left’ or ‘right’ when it comes to respecting copyright. The creative community stands united in support of a copyright system that has made and continues to make the United States the global leader in the creative arts and the global paradigm for free expression. Our copyright system is not perfect but, like democracy, it is better than the alternatives. It works. We urge Congress to resist attempts to erode the right of creatives to determine when and how they share their works in the global marketplace.”


CreativeFuture is a coalition made up of more than 350 companies and organizations – encompassing film, television, music, and book publishing – that promotes the value of creativity, expanded digital access to legitimate content, and the fundamental right of creators to determine how their works are distributed. Click here for a complete list of our coalition partners.

The Copyright Alliance is a non-profit, non-partisan public interest and educational organization representing artists and creators across the spectrum of copyright disciplines, including more than 40 trade association, companies and guilds, and 15,000 individual artists and creators. For more information, please visit