On Oscar night, @CreativeFuture will be highlighting all the talent, innovation, and hard work behind the year’s biggest films. Follow us on Twitter!

Oscar night is just days away! Get ready for the red carpet, gorgeous gowns, and all your favorite stars.

But the Academy Awards are about more than glitz and glamour. Perhaps more than any other night of the year, Oscar night puts a big spotlight on the best in creativity.

We’ll be highlighting all the talent, innovation, and hard work that add up to what’s commonly referred to as “Movie Magic.”

Follow us on Twitter @CreativeFuture, where we’ll share fun facts about the creative achievements of the nominees, the economic impact of individual films, as well as the innovative techniques used to bring great stories to life. Some are really going to surprise you!

We all go to the movies to be moved, to laugh, to cry, and sometimes even to escape. That can make it easy to overlook all that goes on behind the scenes.

Using #InsideCreativity, we’ll be sharing more memes like these all night long – but wait, there’s more!

We’ve also prepared a special CreativeFuture Oscar ballot so you can follow along, cheer for your favorites, and predict the winners.

So grab some popcorn, fill out your CreativeFuture ballot, and join the Twitter conversation as we celebrate creativity on one of its biggest nights of the year.

Enjoy the show and see you on #InsideCreativity!