CreativeFuture, Congressman Doug Collins (GA-9), and IATSE and SAG-AFTRA members talk to students about the power of imagination.

Today, third, fourth, and fifth grade students from Friendship Elementary School in Buford, Georgia, learned they can harness the power of imagination to build careers in the creative industries.

CreativeFuture joined Congressman Doug Collins (GA-9), co-chair of the House Creative Rights Caucus, and local members of IATSE 479 and SAG-AFTRA in presenting real film and television props, special effects, sound, and acting to the assembled students — even encouraging them to break glass bottles made of sugar glass over Rep. Collins and CreativeFuture CEO Ruth Vitale’s heads!

The purpose of the event was to encourage students to never lose their youthful curiosity and to think about careers in the creative fields, such as film, television, music, literature, and design.

This is the first of many similar events that CreativeFuture and IATSE are organizing.