MegZany is a Los Angeles-based street artist best known for her “Courage Has No Gender” campaign. Zany began putting up work in the streets in 2016 starting with her biplane + banner image and has quickly evolved her practice and expanded her reach from the streets of Los Angeles to cities including Wynwood, Miami, Montreal, London, Kraków, Lyon, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, West Palm Beach, New Orleans, and Austin. The nature of Zany’s work is a celebration of contrasts, for instance, bold, assertive text paired with figures that connect with viewers on a different level, often evoking childhood nostalgia. Furthermore, an enthusiast herself from an early age, Zany celebrates the trope of flight and often utilizes images that depict aviation in her projects. One of Zany’s most iconic stencils is of Amelia Earhart paired with the mantra, “Courage Has No Gender” intended to generate awareness regarding societal gender disparity and encourage viewers to create an optimistic future. As a female street artist actively working in a male-dominated field, Zany herself is a modern iteration of Earhart as she fearlessly shares her hopeful message.