It looks like we have some friends on our side when it comes to Chairman Wheeler’s FCC Set-Top Box proposal – 20,878 friends to be exact.

This past Monday, CreativeFuture filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission that included over 20,000 voices calling for Chairman Wheeler to consider the damaging effects of putting illegitimate, criminal businesses on the same platform as legitimate ones. Over 20,000 people signed on and asked Tom Wheeler to consider the consequences of allowing piracy into the living room, including putting over TWO MILLION jobs that depend on a thriving and strong creative community at risk.

On behalf of the creative community, CreativeFuture opposed the FCC’s “Unlock the Box” plan. Cable providers and content creators have compelling reasons to enter into and uphold agreements, chief among them the protection of creatives’ intellectual property. If you search your television’s programming menu for on-demand films or TV shows, you will not find pirated content – because current cable boxes won’t allow it.

The FCC’s plan to “unlock the box” would remove these protections. It would unleash the same kind of widespread piracy directly into America’s living rooms that currently proliferates online.

We ask that you join our membership and become one of the voices that resonate in Washington – urging politicians to consider the consequences of their actions and how they affect the livelihood of all creatives everywhere.