Drop what you’re doing and prepare your eyes and ears for the return of everyone’s favorite copyright-adjacent podcast!

OffScript w/ Ruth and Mitch is BACK for an all-new season. The podcast, co-hosted by our very own Ruth Vitale and Recording Industry Association of America Chairman and CEO Mitch Glazier, brings together members of the creative community and policymakers for conversations about art, policy, and life. This season follows a slightly altered format, with each episode broken into four parts.

The first episode of our new season features Congressman Rob Wittman and actor, playwright, and former elected official Peter Lawson Jones. Our two guests discussed how they ended up in their respective careers and the many “odd jobs” they held before finding success.

The second episode features Congressman Ritchie Torres and former COO of Warner Bros. Carolyn Blackwood, who discuss their time in the Bronx, their mutual interest in the entertainment industry, and the important role that policymakers play in the protection of a thriving creative economy.

Upcoming episodes will feature more policymakers and prominent figures from the creative industries, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with new episodes!