Jason Blum

Jason Blum

Academy Award®-nominated and two-time Emmy Award®-winning producer Jason Blum is the founder and CEO of Blumhouse Productions, a multimedia production company that has pioneered a new model of studio filmmaking: producing high-quality micro-budget films. Blumhouse has produced the highly profitable Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Insidious, and Ouija franchises, which have grossed more than $1.4 billion worldwide and the recent hit The Visit from M. Night Shyamalan. Blumhouse’s model began with the original Paranormal Activity, which was made for $15,000 and grossed close to $200 million worldwide, making it the most profitable film in Hollywood.

Blum, who was nominated for an Academy Award® for producing Whiplash, was recently named to Vanity Fair’s 2015 New Establishment list.

In television, Blum won Emmys® for producing HBO’s The Normal Heart and The Jinx.

Blumhouse has recently expanded by launching Blumhouse.com, a consumer-facing website for all things scary, and BH Tilt, a new label dedicated to movies that will be released across multiple platforms taking advantage of new distribution strategies.

Blumhouse has also produced a variety of live events including The Blumhouse of Horrors, a haunted house experience in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Before Blumhouse, Blum served as co-head of the Acquisitions and Co-Productions department at Miramax Films in New York. At Miramax, he was instrumental in acquiring over 50 films including The Others, Smoke Signals, A Walk on the Moon, and The House of Yes. He began his career as the producing director of the Malaparte Theater Company, which was founded by Ethan Hawke.

(Photo courtesy of Jason Blum)