An important clarification on the state of the internet… and a love letter.

By Ruth Vitale

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse. is working. So is HBONow. Same with Amazon Prime, Hulu, iTunes, and dozens more of the many digital platforms that offer films and television shows for legal download or streaming.

I’ve been looking all day for problems – for proof that the internet is broken and that I might be denied access to The Blacklist or one of my other favorite TV shows or movies. Strangely, I have not found a single “404 error” on any of these sites. The internet appears to be working just fine, at least for the legit companies that pay to license the creative works they distribute.

Why am I wasting time checking the operating status on all of these sites? You see, yesterday, I read this blog post by Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyer Mitch Stoltz with great concern. In it, Stoltz explains how the court-ordered takedown of a pirate site, MovieTube, could lead us down a dangerous slippery slope towards Chinese-style censorship or internet Armageddon.

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