Here at CreativeFuture, we’ve been leaders in the fight for Big Tech accountability for the past decade.

For most of this century, the world’s largest tech companies have allowed widespread digital piracy to thrive on their platforms. They have facilitated it – and looked the other way. 

But piracy is only one of the crimes that Big Tech has aided and abetted. From drug trafficking, to hosting websites for terrorist organizations, to wholesale invasions of our privacy, to radicalizing our youth, to starving a free press of revenues, to widespread digital piracy, and countless other examples… the lack of responsibility and accountability on the part of these companies has been horrifying.

Silicon Valley has turned a blind eye to the proliferation of societal harms on their platforms for years. Why hasn’t this stopped? 

Because our laws have not held these companies to appropriate standards of care. Instead, our outdated and misinterpreted laws have allowed their reprehensible conduct to continue. Our government has been persuaded to leave these immense companies unregulated in the name of “innovation” and “progress.” 

Now, at long last, the record of abuse by Big Tech has become too immense to ignore, and our representatives in Washington have gotten more serious about addressing it.

Recently, both the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have stepped up their investigations of Big Tech. Congress has launched formal investigations, as well, and is considering serious legislation.

Clearly, the time for government action has come. Our public officials need to know that we care and that they have our support.

That is why we are bringing back our petition that asks policymakers on Capitol Hill to make platform accountability a priority.

Please sign it. And let’s start the process of transforming the internet back into what its founders envisioned – a safe, inclusive, information network that benefits all of us!