What kind of connection can I have to CreativeFuture?

CreativeFuture’s Youth Outreach team is here to help! We can provide resources for possible events and arrange speakers from our industry partners including I.A.T.S.E, SAG-AFTRA, the DGA, or any one of our more than 500 coalition partners.

What do CreativeFuture Ambassadors do?

Our student ambassadors are passionate defenders of their rights as creative people. They help others understand that ethical online behavior is the only way to support creative people and work to ensure that the next generation can be a part of a vibrant creative community.

CreativeFuture Ambassadors can:

  • Create videos or other campaigns to raise awareness about the issue
  • Build creative alliances between their school and the local creative community by working with local chapters of entertainment guilds and unions
  • Reach out to local K-12 schools to advocate for the iKeepSafe digital citizenship curriculum and for careers and skills training in the arts
  • Plan an event at your school to raise awareness by bringing members of the creative communities into your school to speak with students
  • Write op-eds, blog posts, or other articles for the student newspaper and other publications
  • Act as an ambassador through social media by sharing CreativeFuture’s stories!