The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is at it again – doing the bidding of their largest benefactors to the detriment of millions of American creatives who are looking toward their representatives in Congress to help them survive the scourge of digital piracy. 

We all know that the EFF starts tweaking when they hear anything that might help fix our broken copyright protection system, but now they have gone too far. 

In a recent blog, Ernesto Falcon, Senior Legislative Counsel at the EFF, warned that “Life-altering copyright lawsuits could come to regular internet users under a new law moving in the Senate.” 

“Life-altering.” Wow!

This is, of course, complete and utter bullshit

What’s this “life-altering” law? Why, it’s none other than the long-pending, widely-supported, and damn good CASE Act… which does nothing more than to set up a voluntarysmall-claims process for creatives whose works have been stolen and illegally distributed online 

Let’s talk about what really is “life-altering.” It’s when you’ve produced your little independent movie, or taken the photographs from which you make you living, or created any other copyrighted work, and someone takes it and uses it without your permission, and you can’t afford the time or money to protect your baby. That’s life-altering.

For a creative, the CASE Act gives some hope for a little bit of justice – where today, there is none.

Here’s another reason why Ernesto’s hype machine is out of control. The CASE Act is an alternative dispute process that is completely voluntary for both parties. If anyone is sent notice that a CASE Act claim has been filed against, they can simply opt out.

Don’t believe us? Read the Bill

So what are the EFF, Ernesto, and friends up to here?

Simple: it’s their usual anti-copyright scaremongering, for which their internet platform benefactors will pat them on the head and say: “Good boy!”

There’s no better response to the EFF than this simple suggestion: READ THE BILL. It’s short, it’s simple, it’s straightforward… it is anything but “life-altering.”

Let’s give the little guys a win for a change.  Join us in supporting the CASE Act!