Mara Junot gets paid to bring the voices in her head to life. As a little girl, she loved acting and performing, but, more than anything, she loved talking into her dad’s tape recorder. “I found any excuse to talk on this thing and listen to the playback,” she recalled.... Read more

The road to making a living as a crewmember in film and television can be long and bumpy. Just ask Jaxon Woods, who traversed from rural southern Oregon to the gray, drizzly shores of Vancouver, British Columbia before finally settling in Los Angeles – and that was only the beginning... Read more

Maggie Phillips

Following the death of a bunny rabbit at the hands of a mysterious man in the woods, the opening minutes to Season 2, Episode 1 of FX’s Fargo take things to another level, as the morbid crime/comedy proceeds to unleash a series of surreal split-screen interludes with its major characters... Read more

Elisa Malona

Elisa Malona never imagined that one day it would be her job to make dead animals dance around a spinning tree stump for Neil Young. “I’ll be rigging these taxidermy woodland creatures for a Neil Young bit or throwing water in Melissa McCarthy’s face while she’s lip syncing and I’ll... Read more

Hollywood is rife with cinematographers, but it’s a safe bet that only one of them has had the distinction of crafting on-screen imagery for both Seth Rogen and Rob Zombie. His name is Brandon Trost, and, at the age of 36, his resume already includes director of photography (DP) roles... Read more