The future is a place where everyone respects creativity – and we’re all besties!

By Ruth Vitale

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.

Dear Tiff,

I read your profoundly insightful quote in that Politico piece last week about a certain U.S. Vice President – and I just had to send you a love letter [kissy emoji].

“His record’s troubling,” says Tiffiniy Cheng, co-director of Fight for the Future, a tech advocacy group that helped rally widespread public opposition three years ago to one major piece of Hollywood-backed legislation, the Stop Online Piracy Act. “We made copyright a sexy issue in 2012, and Biden’s seen as on the wrong side of it because of his close ties to Hollywood and copyright extremists.”

Where do I even begin?

Your claim to have made copyright sexy? I’ve heard a lot of things referred to as “sexy,” but no one – anywhere, in any context – has ever made copyright sexy. But I digress…

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