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There has been growing concern in Washington, in the press, and among Americans about the lack of responsibility exercised by Google and Facebook toward illegal activity taking place on their platforms.

Facebook and Google have turned a blind eye to the proliferation of widespread societal harms on their platforms. From sex trafficking to foreign influence on our elections, from privacy to piracy, it has become increasingly clear that more needs to be done –possibly by the U.S. Government – to ensure platform responsibility.

The real problem, however, is not Facebook or Google – regardless of how sincerely Silicon Valley seeks to own the “mistakes” that led us down this road. The problem is a legislative framework that applies a different set of rules to the internet and fails to demand accountability from businesses that are built around monetizing consumers’ personal information and other people’s content. 

Rather than holding these companies to appropriate standards of care, the current laws have excused this conduct by leaving the internet unregulated in the name of “innovation” and “progress.” 

However, a society in which our most powerful companies are built on business models that trade the health and safety of Americans for billions of dollars in ad-generated revenue is not “progress.”

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD and let’s start transforming the internet back into what its founders envisioned – a safe, inclusive information network that benefits ALL OF US!

SIGN OUR PETITION and tell Washington that we demand they hold Google and Facebook accountable and make #PlatformAccountability a priority!