By Chris Ortman A new report from the Digital Citizens Alliance, conducted by MediaLink LLC, details the windfall profits that illegal, for-profit pirate sites collect from legitimate advertisers. The findings, based on a sample of nearly 600 sites, reveal that the most heavily trafficked pirate sites make upwards of $6... Read more

CreativeFuture Promotes the Value of Creativity in the Digital Age, Expanded Audience Access, and Voluntary, Cooperative Solutions that Preserve the Creative Process and Reduce Digital Theft LOS ANGELES – A broad-based coalition of more than 65 film and television companies, independent production and financing companies, unions, guilds, talent agencies, and... Read more

In a positive development for the creative community, several key advertising leaders converged at Advertising Week in New York City to sound the alarm about the harmful effects of digital piracy. Wenda Harris Millard of MediaLink moderated a panel discussion called “Digital Media Value Under Attack: It’s Worse than You... Read more

The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property today held a hearing on the role of voluntary agreements in supporting intellectual property rights online and promoting a safe, legal, and prosperous Internet economy – and featured testimony from witnesses representing creative industries. Representative Mel Watt (D-NC) applauded all stakeholders for ‘confronting... Read more

The founder of a German file sharing site made $8.2 million in just four years through advertising and subscription sales on his website, which at its peak had “some 135,000 copyright-protected films and TV series” and “up to 4 million users a day” – just one example of how websites... Read more

Since its launch in 2005, Megaupload has allegedly allowed users to download stolen work for free, generating millions of dollars in profits from ad revenue and subscription fees.  It was a business model whose success depended on the pirated property of others. Before it was shut down through an international... Read more

We know from examples like Megaupload that foreign criminals are getting rich operating illegal websites designed to steal and profit from other people’s hard work and creativity. We also know that many of these same criminals use malware to spread threatening computer viruses that can steal your identity and credit... Read more