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A funny thing happens when you ask people to do the right thing. Sometimes, they do. At CreativeFuture, we keep calling attention to the (almost always) unintentional role that advertising from major companies plays in supporting the theft of our creative works. Piracy is a for-profit, black market business that... Read more

CreativeFuture Leadership Committee member Hawk Koch has drafted an open letter to the entertainment industry on the issue of diversity. In the letter, the former Academy President challenges all members of the film industry to work together to create programs and extend opportunities to those who are not yet a... Read more

Two weeks ago, we posted an article to our blog by producer Richard Gladstein, the Founder and President of FilmColony and a member of CreativeFuture’s Leadership Committee. In the article, which originally ran in The Hollywood Reporter, Gladstein called Google’s defense of certain Fair Use cases “a distraction” from the... Read more

‘The Hateful Eight’ producer Richard Gladstein weighs in on Google’s Fair Use defense. By Richard Gladstein “Fair Use” is an important exemption and distinction to copyright law. It permits non-copyright owners to engage in analysis, criticism, and parody of copyrighted material. It also grants permission to artists to build upon... Read more

YouTube creators aren’t immune from some of the same challenges facing more traditional media outlets. By Ruth Vitale This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.   Some people are dying to see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens (where is Luke Skywalker?), some are hooked on The Walking Dead... Read more

Actor, writer, and director Ben Samuels discusses the creativity we’re all born with – but only some pursue. By Ben Samuels Every child dreams. Runs, plays, imagines, creates. Every child wants to sing or dance or make believe, creating entire worlds in playrooms and backyards. At some point, however, there... Read more

“For a photographer, it often seems like our greatest efforts, borne of passion and skill, have become mere commodities.” By Melinda Sue Gordon I take pictures for a living. Not just any pictures, either. I work on film sets – capturing the cast and the crew, which is made up... Read more

…calling BULLSHIT. The first time I saw Popcorn Time, I was blown away. It wasn’t the design or the user experience that rocked my world – though the site is commonly referred to as “Netflix for pirates” – it was this little gem of a disclaimer right there on the... Read more

The future is a place where everyone respects creativity – and we’re all besties! By Ruth Vitale This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse. Dear Tiff, I read your profoundly insightful quote in that Politico piece last week about a certain U.S. Vice President – and I just had to... Read more

300 Los Angeles-area students visited Universal Studios to hang out with some Minions and gain first-hand online safety advice. Okay, so the kids really wanted to have their pictures taken with the Minions. But there was also a lot of learning going on at the “Connected Kids: Lessons in Cybersecurity... Read more