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StandCreative Series II shines a spotlight on jobs in the creative industries that many people overlook or simply never knew existed. Location managers, set photographers, costume designers, special effects makeup artists, book cover illustrators, graphic designers, producers, and even a tattoo artist share stories about their work – how they got started, their first big break, and offer advice about how to make a career in the arts from these specialized skills.

Tony Holley

By: Gregg LaGambina

Third in the series. This year, Georgia is set to surpass New York as the state with the second most film and television shows currently in production. The Peach State, of course, still has to catch up to California – that’s where Hollywood is, after all – but with the... Read more

By: Ruth Vitale,
CreativeFuture CEO

Too often, the value of your work – its contribution to our culture and to the world economy – is undermined by its easy availability through an ever-expanding network of digital distribution platforms. As creative works become easier to access, some of us can become lulled into taking the work... Read more